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Read "Moonlight on Nightingale Way" by Samantha Young available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Logan from Echoes of. On Dublin Street Series by Samantha Young p.s: my old files in storage. On Dublin Street #1 by Samantha KB. On Dublin. American Savages - J. J. KB . Down London Road ( On Dublin Street #2) by Samantha Young #[email protected] Moonlight on Nightingale Way (On Dublin Street #6) by Samantha Young .. She's waiting to fall in love with the perfect man—a baggage-free, drama-free guy ready for commitment.

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I realize that if I had read this series in order I would probably be extremely sad that the series ends here, but since I'm reading them out of order I'm very excited that I have the other books yet to read. Bonus for me! View all 26 comments. Having grown up in an disparaging environment that left her with serious self-esteem issues—raised by parents who either ignored her or belittled her continually with demeaning comments and self-serving expectations—she was forced to sever all contact with her family in order to heal and become her own person.

But years of feeling inadequate and never speaking out her mind have left her fearful of confrontation, constantly craving the approval of others. So when a very loud new neighbour moves into the apartment next door, his late night sex antics keeping her awake night after night and leaving her too tired to work during the day, she reacts uncharacteristically, having no qualms about expressing her distress and frustration at his behaviour. When the cute spitfire next door confronts him about his late night shenanigans, he is instantly drawn to her, but the more life pulls them closer to one another, and the more he gets to know her, the more he believes that she deserves someone better than him, someone worthier, someone whose past is not weighing heavily on his shoulders, making him wish he were a better man for her.

I was looking for someone understanding, protective, and funny. I just wanted to like the person I was dating, and I wanted him to be kind. But as their lives become more and more intertwined, their attraction grows as well, leading to a climax of epic proportions.

Grace and Logan break the cycle they were born into by becoming the kind of people they always wished their parents would have been—two people who love selflessly and unconditionally, and whose love and devotion to those closest to them becomes the one thing they are most proud of in life.

It is with a heavy heart that I let these characters and all the wonderful couples who came before them go, certain of many a re-read in the future.

Ms Young has given us the perfect kind of closure for all six storylines, and even though there will never be another Jocelyn and Braden, Johanna and Cameron, Olivia and Nate, Hannah and Marco, Shannon and Cole, or Grace and Logan, I am certain the best is yet to come from this truly extraordinary author whose words never fail to blow my mind. Follow me on Facebook!

Follow me on Twitter! Amazon US: His sexual antics and loud parties have deprived her of sleep, and generally ticked her off. Needless to say they are not on the best of terms when they first meet.

But Grace gets to know Logan a little and her opinion of him begins to soften, just a tad. When faced with something that changes his life forever, Logan is shocked 4. When faced with something that changes his life forever, Logan is shocked and thrown for a loop, but he quickly abandons his party lifestyle to accommodate. So of course I rooted for Grace and I felt her every hurt, all her longing and attraction, as well.

She was such a sweet, giving person, and her help to Logan cemented their closeness. Also, low self-esteem stemming from an absolutely horrid family further fuels her concerns. Logan spent time in jail, almost two years, for severely beating the man who nearly raped and killed his sister. It was Grace and Logan against the world, aka crappy family. A copy was kindly provided by NAL in exchange for an honest review.

View all 9 comments. Cannot believe I already read all these books so fast! View all 3 comments. Oct 14, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 28 comments.

I was really looking forward to Logan's book but overall, I was left feeling a little disappointed. I've been thinking about what exactly it is that has been me feeling this way. I think part of it is just that it's the last book in a for the most part amazing series. The other is that Logan and Grace just didn't quite doing it 3. The other is that Logan and Grace just didn't quite doing it for me.

I didn't like hearing about all of Logan's exploits and I really didn't like them thrown in Grace's face. The whole situation with Maia, while sweet, took up a lot of page time. And while I enjoyed the homage at the end, again I didn't like that I felt it took away from Logan and Grace. I think the series has just gotten so many characters that at times it felt a bit much. But I liked how things worked out and I was happy to read another SY book. I will definitely miss the gang!

The Good Stuff: Dual Pov's? Just Grace's. Steam Factor? Scale 1 - 5 3ish I really wanted more. Scale 1 - 5 again 3ish Next book? That's all folks! But wait Favorite quotes: Dec 23, Snow rated it liked it Shelves: For example, Logan was so out of place, firstly he's this hunk of a guy - tall, intimidating, sexy and brooding THEN he does things that only meeh, slimy shitheads do, then he's commanding domineering alpha in bed and I guess, for me, he went from one extreme to another and I was stuck in the middle trying to figure this guy "3 done with the ODS series stars" Crap, this was NOT how I pictured my closure to the On Dublin Street series BUT I wasn't covinced in what Logan and Grace had in this book.

For example, Logan was so out of place, firstly he's this hunk of a guy - tall, intimidating, sexy and brooding THEN he does things that only meeh, slimy shitheads do, then he's commanding domineering alpha in bed and I guess, for me, he went from one extreme to another and I was stuck in the middle trying to figure this guy out. I felt like I was forced into all of it and I guess the Epilogue didn't help either to improve my impression Shame, I was looking forward to this I even think I aged a little bit after this Sometimes those moments are grand and dramatic, tragic or beautiful in their intensity.

Sometimes those moments are quiet and small like footsteps fading behind a closed door. The subtlety of those moments can sometimes camouflage their impact and sometimes the impact is felt profoundly, but the quietness of the moment is lost on everyone else around you adding loneliness to the equation.

I love Shannon and Cole! I love Hannah and Marco! I love Olivia and Nate! I love Jo and Cam! I love Ellie and Adam! I freaking love Joss and the love of my life Braden Carmichael! Plus the new addition to the family, Grace and Logan! All of the characters have come such a long way and I was more than happy to be with them every step of the way!

Samantha Young

This final installment will leave you captivated and satisfied. I will surely miss these characters deeply. View 2 comments. Jun 04, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved it! Logan was this close to beating Nate from my book-boyfriend status. But, alas! Nate one of my many book-boyfriends still holds the key to my fickle-minded heart. Oct 26, Auntee rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of the On Dublin Street series.

I was hooked from the start with this one. The opening chapters with the hero, Logan MacLeod, and his man whore ways I had to laugh at how it aggravated his next door neighbor, Grace Farquhar. The poor woman couldn't get any work done she was a free-lance editor working from home or get any sleep with the sounds of orgasmic pleasure coming from his apartment next door. Grace and Logan get off to a rather unpleasant start, but you can feel the sexual tension brewing between them.

Logan has se I was hooked from the start with this one. Logan has served 2 years in prison for beating up his sister Shannon's attacker and it seems that time locked up has changed the man he used to be. He's not the joyful, hopeful man he once was. He's a one-night-stand kind of guy and has no interest in a relationship, so he chooses women he knows he could never fall for.

Although next door neighbor Grace increasingly intrigues him, he knows he should steer clear of her. Then a huge surprise enters his life view spoiler [ he has a teenage daughter that he knew nothing about hide spoiler ] , and he finds himself relying on his growing friendship that he's formed with Grace. And it's not long before Logan and Grace who has a really heartbreaking upbringing start spilling their secrets and fears to each other.

I've enjoyed every book from this series so far, but I wish I had read the previous Echoes of Scotland Street before this one. I really enjoyed Logan, but even though I knew what he had gone through, I wanted to see how he was prior to his incarceration.

On download moonlight nightingale way epub free

I felt he really grew into a stand-up, mature guy in this book, and loved when he finally opened his eyes and realized he deserved to have a woman like Grace in his life.

I loved the character of Grace. She was a smart, girl-next-door type with a difficult past a family from hell! She was easy to root for, and at times I found my heart breaking for her. Yes, she had insecurities that I thought maybe a good therapist could help her with, but she was also incredibly strong and with a huge capacity to love. I was soooo hoping she'd get everything she every dreamed of. While I absolutely adored the view spoiler [ character of Maia, the teenage daughter that Logan never knew, and loved her relationship with Grace hide spoiler ] I felt the exploration of this plot point took over the book a bit.

I wanted to see a little bit more of the romance between Grace and Logan, which took a while to really get started. But once it did it got typically hot, so no real complaints there! I love how the author develops her characters and makes you fall in love with them.

They become so real to you that you actually can feel their pain. There were definitely times where I felt myself tearing up, so I know I was emotionally involved in this story.

While it wasn't my absolute favorite of a fabulous series sorry, but no one can top Braden and Joss's story-- On Dublin Street -- in my eyes it was an engrossing read, and a fitting but sadly an end to this wonderful series. I enjoyed meeting up with all of the series characters again, loved how they all accepted Grace and Maia into their lives, and especially loved the eight-months-later epilogue.

Now that's how you finish a series! Dablin Strit 2. Jamajka Lejn 3. Najtingejl Vej 4. London Roud 5. Skotland Strit 6. Indija Plejs Samanta,hvala ti na ovom predivnom serijalu.

Hvala ti na Brejdenu I za kraj,sjajni momci Dablin strita view spoiler [ hide spoiler ] Nov 26, Suzana rated it it was amazing. Bloody loved it And that ending View all 8 comments. Sep 23, Geo Marcovici rated it it was amazing. O poveste superba! Moonlight on Nightingale Way is the sixth and final book in the On Dublin Street series and is my favourite I was hooked from the first page til the last I did not want it to end.

Grace moved to Edinburgh to start her new life surrounding herself with great friends to replace her horrible family back in London. She has a great life, with her friends a job she loves and a great apartment the only thing missing is Mr Right. This is Moonlight on Nightingale Way is the sixth and final book in the On Dublin Street series and is my favourite I was hooked from the first page til the last I did not want it to end. This is until the annoying neighbour moves across the landing and her peace is shattered nightly by women screaming with passion.

She confronts the neighbour as she no longer hides from confrontation enter Logan MacLeod into her life.

Logan MacLeod spent two years in prison defending his sister and is now starting over with new friends, a new job and a new apartment thanks to Braden. His meetings with Grace on the landing do not go well thanks to his guests and their stuff so they try and avoid each other until one day while arguing something happens that changes everything and this event brings them together.

I loved the way their relationship develops over time and the changes we see in Logan. This is a slow burn which I enjoyed it was a refreshing change having a couple go from being neighbour to friends to lovers. Grace is scared of getting hurt by Logan and Logan does not want a relationship at the moment. When they decide to give it a try they are scorching together Logan is a bossy alpha in the bedroom HOT.

See a Problem?

I could go on and on about this book and the characters and what they go through as I loved them so much but I do not want to say to much as I do not want to spoil the story, other readers will agree.

One thing I will say I loved the family get togethers and catching up with all the gang. MoNW has one of the best and cutest epilogues I have read and it was a lovely way to end a fantastic series like this. This series will always stay with me as On Dublin Street was one of the first books I read since I became hooked on reading after FSoG and I have loved each couple in their own way. I hope Samantha continues to write romances like this series. View all 14 comments.

Jul 03, Beverly rated it really liked it. I listened to the audiobook and with every chapter fell more in love! The narrator has an accent and was able to execute so many characters perfectly! I loved this story, but seeing one of my favorite series end is bitter sweet. Oct 10, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: There are some books in this series that made it to my absolute favorites list and there are others that made me wonder why they were even in this series.

Moonlight on Nightingale Way was kind of in-between, falling between three and four stars in my opinion. I expected a lot for the final book, and even though I don't think the series ended with memorable fireworks, I did like this last installment overall.

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