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Xanth has 40 entries in the series. A Spell for Chameleon & The Xanth ( Series). Piers Anthony Author (). cover image of A Spell for Chameleon. Most Editions | First Published | Most Recent Everything Ebooks Print Disabled . Borrow · Cover of: Yon Ill Wind: A Xanth Novel (Xanth). Best known for his pun-filled, long-running Xanth light fantasy series, Anthony pairs here with a fan download Visual Guide to Xanth (Xanth Novels) free ebook.

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Centaur Aisle (Xanth Novels) by Piers Anthony Download Centaur Aisle (Xanth Novels) Centaur Aisle (Xanth Novels) Piers Anthony ebook Details info: EPUB. There are 19, free ebooks in the Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalogue. mitsukeru.info mitsukeru.info Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Piers Anthony has written dozens of bestselling science Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction .. Download.

Perplexed Prince Dolph, Xanth's precocious shapeshifter, should be in love but isn't. Nonetheless, he must choose between two fiancees--Nada the uninterested and Electra the uninteresting--or all three of them will suffer the most dire consequences. Luckily a convenient catastrophe has popped up to distract Dolph from his dilemma--the foal-napping. Luckily a convenient catastrophe has popped up to distract Dolph from his dilemma--the foal-napping of young Che Centaur by goblins. And the only one who knows where Che is is a nice but remarkably naive elflike girl named Jenny from the World of Two Moons.

When he was four years old, his family immigrated to the United States. He graduated from Goddard College in Vermont in , the year he met and married his wife, Carol Marble. After working at odd jobs, he joined the U. Army in for steady income and medical insurance. In , he became a U. He became an editor and cartoonist for the Battalion newspaper. He left the army in and briefly taught public school before becoming a full-time writer.

Anthony currently lives with his wife on a tree farm which he owns in Florida. New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website! It's a fine story, what we've come to expect from the lighthearted nonsense of the Xanth series. But for those considering the audio book, a fair warning. The reader has a fine natural voice, but absolutely butchers many of the female voices with some absolutely horrendous creative choices, perhaps in a misguided effort to make them sound more distinctive, rather than pleasant to listen to.

One of the party's beauties has a "nasal nerd" voice for some inexplicable reason.

The editors applied some horrendous audio effect to one of the voices later in the book, which was incredibly distracting. And oh Lord, the nails-on-chalkboard voice of a character during a brief cameo had me thankful it was indeed so brief. I wish I was exaggerating. It's a challenge for some male readers to do a passable female voice, and unfortunately, this performance was way off the mark. Even though it's been years since I read the first couple of dozen Xanth Novels, From "A spell for Chameleon" to "Centaur Aisle" and beyond, this current one is no less enchanting.

While the puns, which comprise the world of Xanth, are amusing, and sometimes outright hilarious, it's not the reason for the book being worth reading. It is a story of people, and how they live their lives.

One cares about the characters, and the world in which they live, in spite of its being fantastic and unbelievable as a place. You find yourself transported to Xanth, and actually envisioning the surroundings and creatures there. It becomes 'real', in a way that will surprise you. This, like almost every Xanth novel in the series, is more than worth the read.

You'll want others to read it so you can discuss it with them. It's that good. This book has many of the classic elements that longtime readers of Piers Anthony will love.

It brings back sections of Xanth that we haven't seen in a long time.

Piers Anthony

Hapless was an interesting main character. One of my few complaints would be that his gumption seemed to run out at points in the story, and I was supposed to be his whole thing. Me personally I think the the newer stories revolve too much around panties, the adult conspiracy, and the men feel unusually well hapless.

I still enjoy these books and I think I will until Piers stops making them. Paperback Verified Purchase. The Xanth series has always been my yearly thrill to collect! I started collecting it with book 4 Centaur Island, back in I went back to the book store to get the first three and have collected them all ever since. There was only one I did not care for and that was because it was more of a catch up book for newbies and was full of flashback sort of history retelling, if that makes sense.

In the end, you got a full story, but it was shorter in lenth overall. It has evolved over the years, so even though the pattern has always been the same, It is not the same story over and over.

I wish they would make the earlier books into movies. I think they would give you a Narnia type feeling to them. Another entertaining Xanth book. Always enjoyable to read, only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the music theme is getting tiring. Long time Xanth readers may think it predictable, but that's actually expected in his novels.

Interesting little twisty plot for one of Anthony's Xanth novels. Good book. See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? I love you!

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In between this underlying dilemma, this 13th of the series adds goblins, a Centaur, and magical Elf girl Jenny I read through 17 of the Xanth series over a short period of time, years ago, and remember this as my favorite! In between this underlying dilemma, this 13th of the series adds goblins, a Centaur, and magical Elf girl Jenny and a love triangle that doesn't really exist, well, kind of! Light, airy, feel good sci-fi that's definitely enjoyed by word-play buffs, too! Dec 26, Jenniffer rated it really liked it.

I giggled when I read about Jenny Elf. I'm a huge fan of Elfquest so it was great to have this cute crossover. Nov 04, Erin rated it it was ok Shelves: Some of the Xanth series are fantastic!

This is not one of them. Jan 22, Timothy Boyd rated it really liked it. The Xanth novels are a quick, fun and funny read. Great starter books for young fantasy readers. There is a ton of them and you can pick up any of them and start.

Very recommended. View 1 comment. Dec 04, Isaac S rated it really liked it. The story I just finished reading was called "Isle of View", and it is the thirteenth book in the Xanth series. In this book, there were many main characters.

The main characters that were in the book the most often were: In the story, the young winged centaur, named Che, was kidnapped by goblins. At about t The story I just finished reading was called "Isle of View", and it is the thirteenth book in the Xanth series. At about the same time Jenny elf shows up, and also becomes a captive of the goblin tribe. Prince Dolph and the others search for Che and have to rescue him before something bad happens.

And due to a curse on Electra, Dolph has to decide whether to marry Nada, who is uninterested in him, and Electra, who he is not interested in. If he does not decide by the end of the week, Electra will die from the curse.

They face many obstacles while trying to find Che, and eventually end up into a very complicated situation involving the winged monsters who want Che back, since he is also a winged monster and the land monsters. I cannot really relate to any of the characters in this story, even though there are many of them. But I can relate this story to other stories that I have read.

In this story, Prince Dolph has to choose between the thing that he wants more than anything, and the other option; which he knows is the actual right thing to do. Usually, in other stories, the main characters are faced with extremely difficult decisions, in which doing the right thing usually goes against what they want. This is how this story is similar to some other ones I have read.

The thing that I liked about this story the most is the way the plot went. The story had parts of it that were serious, and parts of it that were humorous.

Ebook download xanth

I think the author did really well in his way of writing and the way he made the characters. It is a great book and people who read it will enjoy it. If you read this book you should read the Xanth books that come before it, just to help you understand some things better. Feb 09, Maha rated it really liked it. I look forward to reading more about Jenny Elf. Sep 29, Carlene rated it really liked it. Say the title out loud, preferably when someone else is in the room with you Just do it.

Jan 18, Alan Reynolds rated it it was ok.

Centaur Aisle (Xanth Novels) ebook download

My note when I read it in Mildly interesting but hard to finish. Dec 03, Jerry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another great book by Piers Anthony in the Xanth series. And for those of us who know the real story behind JennyElf we give the author three huge cheers!!! Sep 02, Rick rated it really liked it. This is the 13th in the Xanth series and the books are very good. This book is not quite as punny but is a good story and the resolution of Dolph's Dilemma is revealed in the last chapter.

Dec 02, Chris rated it it was ok Shelves: One more down. May 06, Briane Pagel rated it liked it. So much of life is random chance. In Isle Of View, a character is introduced to Xanth: Jenny the Elf. She's one of the "Elfquest" elves who winds up in Xanth through a hole in the In the author's note, Piers Anthony explains that "Jenny The Elf" is based on Jenny Gildwarg, who in the late 80s was hit by a drunk driver and ended up in a coma when she was about Her parents thought it might help if she got a note So much of life is random chance.

Download xanth ebook

Her parents thought it might help if she got a note from Piers Anthony, since she was a Xanth fan. He wrote her and asked if she would like to be a character in his next book, and if so, would she prefer to be an elf or an ogre?

Jenny reacted and said Yes and then using her eyes said she wanted to be an elf. So Anthony wrote her into the book, and later said he went to meet her at a convention. After I finished Isle Of View which wraps up the Dolph-is-engaged-to-two-people storyline by having Dolph fall in love after all with the girl who would otherwise die if he didn't marry her I googled around and tried to find out what ever happened to Jenny Gildwarg.

Google, by the way, is terrible for stuff like that. Google returns the most popular results, and in a world where Piers Anthony has written hundreds of books and is famous, and two of those or so mentioned Jenny Gildwarg, you will get dozens of pages of results talking about the book and how it came to be written, but no follow ups if they exist on the girl herself because presumably those are not as popular.

I wasn't able to determine whether she is still alive -- she'd be about 40 now -- but the book made me think about how some people get chosen and others do not. It's a terrible thing that Jenny Gildwarg was hit by a drunk driver and paralyzed and in a coma. But Jenny had a famous ish author visit her, write her into a book, and pay some of her expenses, which is more than the 24, other people injured or killed in drunk-driving accidents that year got.

In May, , a drunk driver in a pickup truck smashed into a bus, causing a gas fire. I wasn't able to find any celebrity help for them.

Ebook download xanth

In , Teagan Marti, a year-old, fell from a ride in the Wisconsin Dells and was paralyzed. In Texas the other day, a year old girl was killed when a carnival ride flung her off. As of yet, no celebrities have stepped forward to help her out. A few years back, the "Ice Bucket Challenge" raised all kinds of money for ALS, which is still a disease that every few years makes the news with another possible cure, each of which has yet to pan out.

That's a lot of money. I'm not saying that these people did not deserve help; it's not that Teagan Marti was more or less deserving of assistance than the Texas girl whose friend was injured, also, in the same accident.

What is obvious though, is that we make poor choices about how best to help people. I asked Middle Daughter this the other day on our commute from work. Suppose, I said, that God told you you could pick out one charity in the world, any charity, and God would cure the thing that charity was trying to help. Which one would you pick to do the most good? To do the most good, I reminded her, and she said yeah but her brothers have autism. When we think about what will do the most good, we often make decisions that are based on the wrong criteria.

It's entirely possible that Superman's best use would be to generate clean power for people so that the pollution and costs of the way we generate power now would be used to solve other problems. Leaving aside whether that would make for a good comic book, how many people, given superpowers, would think I should definitely use these to irrigate drought-ravaged regions?

The way we decide to help people is based almost entirely on random chance, prejudices, who can afford better advertising budgets, and what is the most exciting. That's a great way to generate sympathetic news articles and good publicity, and keep life interesting.

But it's a pretty awful way to run society. Apr 22, Swankivy rated it it was ok. Obviously the title is yet another pun. Prince Dolph is dealing with figuring out which of two girls betrothed to him is going to actually be his wife. Guess polygamy isn't allowed in Xanth. A pity. I think this book was where I started to lose interest in this series. I wasn't a huge fan in the first place; I thought they were basically readable, and wanted to know all the details because my best friend loved them and we had little jokes that referenced the series, but Piers Anthony started sa Obviously the title is yet another pun.

I wasn't a huge fan in the first place; I thought they were basically readable, and wanted to know all the details because my best friend loved them and we had little jokes that referenced the series, but Piers Anthony started sacrificing the integrity--ahem--of his stories to make reader input more obvious here, and one way that manifested in Isle of View was that he actually inserted a reader as a character. I honestly could have said "Aw, that's sweet" if it had stayed a single book's touching shout-out.

Jenny Elf was based on a real Jenny who had been badly injured in a car wreck, and Anthony's inclusion of a Jenny-based character was sort of his way of acknowledging an important fan. But he inserted this Jenny Elf character not so much as a Xanth character, but as a fanfiction character because Jenny preferred the elves from a different series and she wanted her character to look like ElfQuest elves, not Xanth elves.

Like I said, I could have overlooked it if it was once. But Anthony also let readers send in puns, give feedback on what he should do with his characters, and have a lot of say-so in what he churned out.

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It sort of started to become a free-for-all of fan service and I have never liked it when that sort of thing starts to show. Story-wise, this book focuses on how a young winged centaur got stolen by goblins, and that's because they want a royal goblin named Gwendolyn to get tutored by him and ride around on his back to hide her disability.

Goblins don't look well on disabled goblins. Not sure why a goblin doesn't just ask, you know? But maybe they thought it wouldn't work? There sure wouldn't have been any kidnapping adventure! In the middle of this is the myopic Jenny Elf, who somehow managed to "stumble into" Xanth.

She tries to help the kidnapped centaur but gets caught up in the mess.