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Link Longest pdf i have made to date (6k pages). Have fun reading it. Now excuse me, i'm of to land of dreams. Download Coiling Dragon. EPUB. GOOGLE DRIVE MEGA ONEDRIVE. 3 Comments for "Coiling Dragon (Panlong)". avatar This was a truly captivating novel. Author: I Eat Tomatoes Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi 我吃西红柿. More Info: Novel Updates · Download PDF. Related Novels: Daybreak on Hyperion. Boku to Kanojo no.

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Do you have a better way to download the chapters? Send a message and i can se if i have th epub, mobi or awz(new kindle) you need. 盘龙, aka Panlong, aka Coiling Dragon, is a webnovel by popular Chinese Xianxia (fantasy/kung fu) writer I Eat Tomatoes (我吃西红柿). This novel has been. I got my mondaiji tachi and hikaru ga chikyuu from there. oh and Coiling Dragon too. after I read Coiling Dragon I do a google search, found.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Raised in the small town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch clan, the clan of the once-legendary Dragonblood Warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but the clan is now so decrepit that even the heirlooms of the clan have been sold off.

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Light and slim with uncompromised performance. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. May Posts: Sep Posts: Oct Posts: I use Lithium Yep. I read that and gave up after slow updates. Just move on since there are many good books out there. Much thanks for the tips You just look at the titles. Jul Posts: The manga came from the novels.

Aug Posts: Dec Posts: Which one most recommend thus far First one most popular. But author a bit losing steam. Not sure about job part I know a few of them write full time Family commitments does affect them but a lot of them does stocking of chapters I agree with you on the begining part but there are a few that really gets better as it continues wihile the start is poor As for tales of demon and God author He was preoccupied with his animation studio and he also wrote another novel..

Thanks for the tip. Any completed work to recommend?

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Jun Posts: Korean one Legendary MoonLight Sculptor coiling dragon linley. Sent from a planet far far away using GAGT. Important Forum Advisory Note. This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Posting Rules. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. One of the best novel if not the best translated by the best translator in the genre.

Everything is translated well including the jokes and slangs which are usually notoriously hard to translate. I liked this book, and bought book 2. I suspended belief and in my mind treated it like a cartoon, but as the hero gets older, the book became darker.

Still, a few times I laughed and wanted more of the story. But, where is the courtesy, caring, love? One person found this helpful. This is one of the first Xuanhuan novels I ever read back in and it still holds a special place in my heart. So most of what I want to say has been said far better by other reviews. So what I'll talk about is what I think is this novel best strength compared to other Xuanhuan novels and that's liked characters.

Most Xuanhuan protagonist are kind of heartless, selfish and kinda hypocritical. But linley is pretty likeable as are all most of the side characters. So I highly recommend this novel. If you want to try xuanhuan novels or recommend to someone else this is a good starting novel. This is a book that I first read in late March of in the form of a manga but once I caught up with the manga I found out it had been adapted from a light novel.

Not only that but the person who said that said that the manga was terrible compared to the original book which I found hard to believe because that manga was a favorite for me at the time. When I began to read this I noticed that the manga was doing the story an injustice and I read this entire story in a month all of April. My very first light novel that I've read online thru wuxiaworld. I'm glad it's now available on kindle. Excelent read, im a fan of Science Fiction books and this saga has captured me, sometimes you need to go through a lot of repetitions of exactly the same paragraphs but that is the way chineese give importance to certain subjects.

However this gets better with book 2 onwards as the translation is more comprehensive. Very recomended as the story is fun and easy to read, excelent character development and growth.

It's great. Then go read Stellar Transformations next. I loved it. I just bought the whole series so I can devour them. I will keep rereading this great series for years to come and can't wait to see what this author will grace me with next.

See all 86 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Coiling Dragon: Book 1 of the Coiling Dragon Saga. Set up a giveaway.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Underlord Cradle Book 6 Kindle Edition. Will Wight. Get A Copy. More Details Coiling Dragon 1. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Ring , please sign up. Do we have a firm release date yet? I can't find it on amazon. Sundance The whole series can be read on wuxiaworld. Amazing story! See 2 questions about The Ring…. Lists with This Book.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 22, Gabriel Cruz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Incredible, I've read the translation on wuxiaworld and I can guarantee that this is an incredible piece of fantasy literature! View 1 comment.

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Mar 16, Immanuel Jegan rated it liked it. So I actually read all the books before writing this so in actually this is just a short review of the whole series. Took me around days to read it all, so the books by themselves aren't actually that long!

The story is really much like one that you'd find in any shounen manga these days. If you're not familiar with those, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach are a few of the examples of the more popular ones out there. If you really, really enjoy that kind of story in a book format then just stop So I actually read all the books before writing this so in actually this is just a short review of the whole series.

If you really, really enjoy that kind of story in a book format then just stop right here and get to reading! This series will definitely take you for a fun an enjoyable ride. If you're looking for something more like how fantasy books are written, then you'll end up being disappointed.

For one thing, the lack of character development is disturbing. It feels like the main character does start developing to a certain extent in the first 10 or so books, but in the later half it just kind of stops.

Well, his character is more or less "fully developed" by that stage, so there's no reason for it to change any more past that point. But other than that, a lot of the side characters are ignored. Sure, they do get screen time, but they have to share it amongst themselves.

Linley gets the lion's share of the screen time and the others just appear for a while, normally with Linley in the scene itself. In the end, this stunts their character development. One major gripe I have is practically all the character's saying "Not good. You have dozens of characters and you expect me to believe that everyone responds in the same way verbally to a situation. I simply can't believe that Chinese people are 1 dimensional to that extent.

I suppose this extends to the portrayal of characters, as many of them do feel rather 1 dimensional and aren't very deep or conflicting. It might be a product of because of how powerful everyone actually is. Even the topic of revenge is treated as an everyday occurrence. The law of the jungle is in full effect here, where the powerful are able to trample over the weak.

In the end, this story is full of explosions, battles, trying to protect one's loved ones, and a nice helping of revenge as well. Don't expect much else from it as you just sit back and watch the main character get stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and stronger, etc View 2 comments.

May 31, Lazybee rated it it was amazing. When I read The Legendary moonlight sculptor, I thought nothing can come close to it. But, this book is even more awesome than LMS. It's about a scion of a dying clan. Once great Baruch clan is at the end of its days. But linley the successor of the clan is highly talented and hard working. This book is an introduction and a captivating one at that. Loved it.

Coiling Dragon (Completed)

Aug 28, Faisal rated it it was amazing. Read the translated series on wuxiaworld. One of the best wuxia novels,had me awake for most of the nights till the end of the series. A must read for any fantasy fiction reader. Apr 25, Matt Maihi rated it it was amazing. This may be the book I've enjoyed reading most in my entire life. On this plane of existence at least.

And I'm only half way through It's exactly what I like. Blokey to the Nth degree. Good boy does good, works his magic socks off and levels up. And up. New world. Then strangely it stops. In this whole multi-layered multiverse characters' conversations basically This may be the book I've enjoyed reading most in my entire life. In this whole multi-layered multiverse characters' conversations basically boil down to saying three things to their Bosses, Bros, hoes or foes.

Reductive but effective. While dialogue ain't deep the plot is and shimmies faster than sovereign level god eater shadow mouse up a drainpipe.

Lovingly translated into glorious technical English his book breaks all the rules and has blown my mind. It's all highlights all the time. I don't even care that the main character is called Linley. Sure, it's cheesy but cheese is good, spread it on thick and enjoy bro.

Novel download epub light dragon coiling

New-age, snaggy, chick-flick authoresses despair. It's all tell no show. And I'm telling you it's awesome bro!