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Save your templates then download all listing templates. Now my inventory information, including item details and ad copy, are the center of my. Look down the left column for Download files. Click there and select Download active listings (or words to that effect). This should be a csv file. You can then print . I just chatted with ebay help. They say you cannot backup inventory and you cannot download a csv or inventory either. Suggested using another program if I .

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Just wondering if there is any way to download my current inventory in SMP? Thanks. can anyone help me print an inventory report of all the items in my store? If you have Selling Manager Pro, you can get a download of a CSV file of your Active. If you are new to inventory templates, it is recommended you start with the Excel format files. These files have more information than the CSV format files.

Do you need to export your eBay listings into a spreadsheet? In this article we tell you how to download your eBay Listings, the different exports available and how you can use this data for your multichannel software, such as Linnworks. Once activated, you can open up eBay File Exchange here is the link and download your active listings. This will take you to the next screen where it will ask you what you would like to download, click on the drop-down box and select active listings. Download your active listings. But which file do you use? Below we show you what fields come out on each export.

I haven't run windows since the last century but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I only run TL and the post office's Shipping Assistant program in virtualbox.

Message 13 of May 22, 9: They have limited content, inadequate to even properly feed Google. The listing feed "http: Message 14 of May 22, Yes, this takes doing things a whole new way for sure.

I think the limit on the description is words for RSS and starts with the very first character in the description field.

How to List Faster with eBay Bulk Listing Solutions

My take on this to try to put all other details shipping details, images etc in there respected fields and not include all that in the description. I am also considering not using html in the description any longer.

I think the goal is to make the information portable from one location to another - ebay, cart, RSS, Google, etc. Otherwise one might use minimal code and images placed with CSS rather than text for the template and have ALL the text be the word description. Message 15 of My sense is that if one wants to shift out of Windows you just have to do it and not look back. The hardest part for old time Windows users is to stop trying to do things the Windows way and do them the Ubuntu way.

And to know there is a way.

But that way might not be found or seen at all on the path to Windows. Like to go with File Exchange rather than Turbo Lister and other tools instead of the postal program you use. The tools are there if you look, they are on that new path though. It is different, it might not seem better at first, but once you are totally on your new path everything pitches in to make that path work and everything assembles for that path and the WAY just happens.

I had to just say no to Windows and not look back, and now I do not need it, want it or use it.

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In well over a year after making that total shift, using turbo lister once is the only time I have seemingly needed Windows. To do things the Ubuntu way involves shifting more than what software and programs one uses though, as you know, it means shifting off of all proprietary file formats, using open fonts, etc Message 16 of Vitalbodies - responding to your post Let me try to shift the perspective.

What to do about a problem depends on how you view the problem. Stripping the html from future descriptions and cramming them into characters results from the viewpoint "eBay shall hold the truth about my listings, and I will always go there for my data.

But on eBay, the description field is the only piece of store real estate you mostly own. Since eBay does a poor job of supporting branding and cross promotions and detail presentation, I suggest you must use that space richly to produce a store window within a store window.

A clean well lighted place for commerce in an otherwise bombed out ruin. I think you want to set a clearly visible boundary for the description and encourage your customers to focus on that area.

This in turn implies that you have sophisticated, html laded descriptions. An alternate viewpoint of the problem is "I require a central location where my information is kept. That place is the "truth" and everything else, including my eBay listings, is derived from it. The temporary challenge is how get my data out of eBay and into this other place.

The long term challenge is to have a way of automatically sending derived data to eBay. And in the alternate view, the problem of getting data out of eBay vanishes once you first extract it.


And File Exchange lets us upload to eBay, eh? All sorts of advantages emerge in the alternate scenario. Like finally getting decent Google Feeds, and being able to manage the same inventory across multiple venues. This is what Intarsa is about.

To boil this down: Message 17 of May 23, 9: I apparently wasn't clear. I've been running linux only since ' Could I 'jump in' any more than that? I'm dyslexic and cannot work out the conversion issue on my own in linux and this board did not have people willing to help me when I've asked over the last 3 or so years.

How To Download My eBay Listings - FittedCommerce

Most people who run linux are programmers so sed and all that which is what is needed to convert the data correcctly comes sort of 'naturally' - or at least not with the level of difficulty it presents me. If people hit a problem, they come here, fix the issue and disappear.

They don't stay around to help the next. And I am the keeper of my data. New to eBay. Groups Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members.

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Dec 22, 6: Message 2 of 5. Look down the left column for Download files. Some advice given may have changed.

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Please reply to this thread, to let us know if this advice works for you.