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RAVINDER SINGH LIKE IT HAPPENED YESTERDAY EPUB DOWNLOAD ( submitted 3 months ago by choco82 · comment. Like It Happened Yesterday - Singh Ravinder - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. test. Ravinder Singh is the bestselling author of I Too Had a Love Story, Can Love Happen Twice?, Like It Happened Yesterday and Your Dreams Are Mine Now.

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Best sites to download free EPUB ebooks online which contains most If you find the above list very useful, please click the like button and. 7Nj7YhTgR - Read and download Ravinder Singh's book Like It Happened Yesterday in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Like It Happened. Feb 26, Download eBooks Can Love Happen Twice (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Like It Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh Love Story, Shit Happens.

The Sleaze who did not Freeze by P. I opened my eyes with a gasp, half expecting to see the morning light struggling through my bedroom curtains. The laptop was in a sleep mode. On impulse, I moved the mouse, and a half-finished article leaped onto the screen. I must have fallen asleep while I was typing it.

A must read account of Ravinder Singh and best one read so far by me. Jul 03, Rohit Sharma rated it it was ok. To be honest, I was never Ravinder Singh's fan. Over all, that book was a decent first attempt, with no much competition from other books. His second book was a big let down. Today, he is one of the most celebrated Romance-Fiction writers of India, and I, a naive author, look up to him Somehow, there was an eagerness within me too see how Ravin will bounce back, considering his anthology was not appreciated either!

But LIHY fails miserably. The book which could have been a fun ride, considering it takes us to our childhood, totally failed to bring any smile on my face Apart from that one dialogue in Chapter The scenes are very ordinary, and most of the chapters drag even though they are short. It is sad to see top Publisher like Penguin publishing such book with no substance at all.

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I hope Ravin will definitely bounce back with his next book, to prove his celebrity-author status. View all 4 comments. Jun 25, Jasmeet Kukreja rated it it was ok. I was travelling while i chose this book to read and i forced myself to read till the end and compelled to hv passed my time in the train. The writer has lowered down the expectations and his own level which was developed via his first book. A dissapointment and unrecommended, Indeed!

Jun 17, Meghant Parmar rated it liked it. A third book from the author and a very highly anticipated one. He's a celebrated author after all. A lot has been said in the first two novels about love and its loss and then loving again. But this time its completely different. It's a journey into his past. It's a journey into our childhood memories.

It's a sweet and a pleasant story narrated by him. Ur mind gets refreshed by reading it as u can relate urself with the situations that we might have found ourselves in our young times. It's smoo A third book from the author and a very highly anticipated one.

It's smooth like a well oiled machine and u'll be through with it in no time. Its a simple story and anybody who is interested in reliving their childhood can join Ravinder Singh in his journey.

Keep writing. Sep 26, Akshaya rated it did not like it. Picked it up only because an unread book on my shelf wouldn't let me rest in peace. It took me less than two hours to skim through the whole of its incoherent content.

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The fact that authors like Ravinder Singh find their place among best-selling authors brings to light the pathetic state of Indian literature today. A string of ill-narrated diary entries woven into a 'novel', which also sells across the country. If authors like Ravinder Singh could place focus on the quality of writing and th Picked it up only because an unread book on my shelf wouldn't let me rest in peace.

If authors like Ravinder Singh could place focus on the quality of writing and the impact their words would have on the reader and not solely on filling in a few pages and publishing them under their name, the state of light-reads in here wouldn't be half as pathetic. Jun 29, Sourav Saha rated it it was amazing. Really makes you fall in love with one's childhood all over again Jul 17, Anu Dev rated it did not like it.

Big disaster.. Book is just like pages from my old diary entry Dec 20, Priti rated it liked it. I thought maybe this will be a school love story and every second I would be expecting him to be falling in love. I have read some of reviews in which the people have actually criticized the book too much. I mean give the author a break.. Nov 05, Gargi Bhardwaj added it.

Not a great novel but a light one Jul 09, Jeevan Sharma rated it liked it. A good book, perhaps could have been a lot better, if more emphasis is placed on childhood and teenage memories rather than spending too much time on Puberty and sexual attractions. But I Love end, it is motivating and refreshing. Overall not a bad read.. Jun 05, Addhaya Anil rated it did not like it Shelves: A story all about childhood days and I found it bit funny initially but got bored soon.

This is the 2nd book by Ravinder Singh that I've read. Don't read it if you really want to save your time. Dec 10, Salma rated it it was amazing. From vaccinations to final exams, the book is filled stories that almost all of us can relate to.

The book is popular in metropolitans and B-towns alike. Like It Happened Yesterday takes you through a series of first times, both good and bad.

You might find yourself getting lost in your own childhood adventures. Be it the first day of school, the first time you lost a tooth or the first time you ma Like It Happened Yesterday is a wonderful and fictional journey through Ravinder Singh's childhood. Be it the first day of school, the first time you lost a tooth or the first time you made a paper boat — you'll love the warm cozy feeling that engulfs you when you turn the pages of this book.

The author indulges us with the memories of his childhood, growing up in a small town and shows us how the most mundane things can be magical through the eyes of a child. Take a trip down memory lane with this good read, it's a great companion for a lonely bus ride. At the end of it you will probably feel like your own childhood just happened yesterday.

Sep 10, Barani rated it really liked it Shelves: Purchased the ebook in But had a chance to read it only last week. Not sure if it's a real story. But enjoyed it except some areas. May be he is trying to be genuine which is a quality for writing a biography. He is good at narrating and attention-to-the detail. Narration of Mahabharat intro speech of every episode will take you to the mid 80s. I feel the book is cut-short and I wanted more throughout the school life.

At some point in time, I felt like reading my own diary. When I was Purchased the ebook in When I was reading exactly 46th page, I saw some negative reviews on goodreads. Keeping them aside, I moved further. Ending of the story is a typical Indian-Masala type. Finally, I enjoyed reading it. Feb 14, Shantanu Lakhotia rated it it was ok. I have only one word for this book "POOR". There is not much to expect from the story, no thrill,No big heroic work. The flight of excitment I got from reading the back page of the book had crashed after reading the first 2 chapters.


There is no effort on the authors side to make this book interesting. I had to drag myself to read the chapters. This book is a waste of time, money and paper. I sincerely hope that both the publisher as well as the author realize what a mistake they have done by allowing this book to be published and come up with a much better book to restore their reputation.

Mar 06, Deepanshu Mohindru rated it liked it. Sep 30, Priyanka Lal rated it liked it. A nostalgic trip down memory lane. Far far better from the author's previous works. Deals with the time of innocence to the journey of growing up.

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A boy's experience put in simple words which enriches the reading experience. All descriptions could be pictured, enjoyed and one could connect to them. Kudos to the writer and the editing team. A great deal of care has been taken to bring out a quality product. All will have an easy and fun time reading. Jul 15, Megha Sharma rated it did not like it. Utterly disappointing.

Like It Happened Yesterday

Immature writing, no story. The message the novel is trying to convey is commendable but the author fails to deliver it miserably. Its time ravinder singh starts writing stories which are not inspired from his real life and put the thinking cap on and come up with some interesting stories.

Oct 22, Harsha Sudhir rated it it was amazing.

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Scott Fitzgerald. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong".. A must read by every 90's kid. Feb 07, Kavya Bhardwaj rated it liked it. As the writer of the book is Ravin, loved the book.

Jun 04, Harshita Thakur rated it liked it. Jan 16, Swetha rated it really liked it. Nostalgic moments brokes in my heart Like It Happened Yesterday is.. In his latest book, "Like it Happened Yesterday",. Free MouthShut app saves money.. Large selection and many more categories to..

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